FreedomInvest is an easy-to-use, web-based platform for small accounts that helps you track your investment portfolio. It keeps you informed about investment decisions we make for your account, using our proprietary investment process.


In the past, only the very wealthy could afford professional wealth management. We created FreedomInvest for small accounts, so that everyone can have access to professional wealth management, regardless of the size of their portfolio.


In 2013, the 2nd generation joined the business and identified a need for quality wealth management services for all account sizes, not only high net-worth individuals.

Freedom Invest, it’s a wholly owned brand of GCCM, created to cater to the truly mid to small account holder ($3k and up). These are the investors who need professional help and their only option is do-it-yourself (and most of them don’t know how to DIY) or to hire a robo-advisor. Hybrid advisors are also an option, but usually they are merely a customer service representative who bears an economic interest in selling a specific investment product to their clients. 

We created Freedom Invest with the small account investor in mind to professionally help them in the same way we help our high net-worth clients. Once an account is open by clicking on the above “Open Account” blue button, and you become a client, the platform allows us to communicate our trading and investing decisions with you. Our goal is to make you money and protect it when the market turns sour.

You may think of Freedom Invest as your window into our office to get to know us, to communicate with us, or for us to communicate with you.

GCCM launched Freedom Invest in 2019 having invested its own capital and that of friends and family.

Introduction Video

FreedomInvest offers fully managed portfolios for accounts $3,000 and up because we believe the chance at financial Freedom is a Right for all. We are here to help you reach financial independence with accounts that are dynamically managed by real people every day. Freedom’s Founder, Saul Padilla, has been in finance for over 30yrs and uses his proprietary investment process to protect and grow your Freedom Account.

Founders’ Story

FreedomInvest was started by a father-daughter team who decided that premium wealth management should not only be available to the very wealthy. They created Freedom Invest to provide the same service that they provide to their high net worth clients, to small accounts. Freedom Invest provides fully managed portfolios for accounts $3,000 and up because we believe financial Freedom is a Right for all.


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