It takes experience to hand down a business and the proper training to make it succeed under the next generation. To succeed, they must also be trained to responsibly oversee a portfolio of financial investments.

We are not a mutual fund, hedge fund, robo-advisor or hybrid advisor. We manage separate accounts, whether individual, joint, or retirement accounts. We have both international and domestic clients and also manage money for organizations and Trusts. Each client has his or her own separate account. We do not have custody of client accounts, as we use third-party custodians. Clients retain all ownership of securities at their custodian bank or broker-dealer. We are open to working with professionals on your existing asset management team or custodian institution.

Most conventional portfolios are designed to succeed in a “growth increasing” environment only, remaining overweight on assets that perform well in such economic scenario (beta portfolios). As a result, they underperform and can be severely punished in any other type of economic environment.

Our asset management strategy is primarily focused on two factors: Growth and Inflation, which ultimately determine the performance of asset classes. Therefore, we strive to balance portfolios by allocating assets according to economic and inflationary conditions (alpha portfolios) and supported by economic data where Growth, Inflation and Central Bank Policy play an important role.

It’s not if, but when the next Bear Market occurs.
Will you have a reliable risk management strategy in place to protect your capital?

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