1. As the cornerstone of all our business endeavors, policies and transactions, we unequivocally profess and permanently maintain the unalterable and inalienable dignity of every human person who by being so is worthy to be fully and duly respected.
  2. This guiding principle of all our business undertakings requires that every human person be treated with the corresponding justice, not only with respect and fairness, as such fairness can be interpreted in a totally subjective way.
  3. We firmly profess an unquestionable awareness of the fact that no matter how much material wealth may be accumulated in this life, with death all must be left to others or be taken by them.
  4. Thus, we embrace an awareness of the social responsibility for whatever personal qualities, gifts and opportunities that may be ours.
  5. We uphold that profit is good, but only if it radically excludes any exploitation of other people and/or disregard for basic human values such as honesty, family life, decent wages for employees, participation in the economic growth of their workplace. Profit, yes! But not at any price!
  6. We categorically reject any financial speculation understood as the merciless financial benefits of some at the expense of other human beings in their dignity, work and prosperity. Riches fulfill their function of service to all humankind when they are destined to produce benefits for others and for society in general in a balanced and honest way, not being used to promote self-centeredness and willful lack of concern for the good of others.